Do you feel that your favorite photographs are simply wilting away in those large albums? Don't you think they deserve a chance to illuminate your walls with their radiant appearance? Well, now you can give your photographs a fresh breath of life with the help of canvas printing!Canvas photos are in a class of their own and can prove to be the perfect idea for wall art decoration.

Canvas photos are the offshoot of the revolutionary Giclee prints. The word giclee is derived from a French word 'Gicler' and literally means 'to spray'. The effect came into prominence after the inclusion of inkjet printers in the printing process. These printers with their micronoozles are capable of constantly spraying a plethora of colours creating a truly marvelous effect!

Canvas art printing also replaces paper with cotton canvas rolls which are generally used for the purpose of painting. The master's choice is generally 380gsm pure cotton canvas which is the heaviest one and offers amazing precision. It is this canvas which lends a superior appearance to your photographs.

Canvas printing offers you tremendous options to do 'the works ' with your photographs! Imagine the joy of watching your baby's first step right in front of your eyes with a radiance that makes it look like just yesterday! You can even create exciting photo montages of you favorite photographs for the purpose of wall hangings. What's more, you can also choose from exciting designs from the  gallery which will lend a mystic appearance to your room!

You can even get an image proofing of your favorite photographs which you want to convert into canvas. It is a simple process for which all you need to do is submit your favorite photograph online. Image proofing will give you a preview of how the final print will look! It is the best way to get a glimpse of the effect produced by canvas printing.

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