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Are Your Photos On Canvas Fading?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 17:00:23 Europe/London

Are your photos on canvas fading? There could be several reasons why your photos on canvas are fading. However, people transfer their photos to canvas to prolong their life time. Photos on canvas have much longer life than photos printed on a regular photo paper. So if you find your photos on canvas fading faster than it should or within a very short time after you have bought it, then you need to first identify the reason first.

It is not good to expose your photos on canvas to direct sunlight. Do not hang them just opposite to a window through which you will get direct sunlight in to the room. When sunlight falls directly on to your photos on canvas daily, then it can be one of the major causes for the fading of your photos on canvas. You will not be able to keep your window curtained all the time or keep your window closed all the time to protect your photos on canvas. So the best option would be to choose a different place for hanging your photos on canvas. However, the problem here is that you cannot reverse the damage that has already been caused. So the next time you buy new photos on canvas make sure that you choose the right place for them.

Another reason why your photos on canvas are fading could be that you have placed it right over the fireplace. This is one of the most common places where we hang our photos and wall decorations. However, when you hang your photos on canvas just over the fireplace, you will be subjecting it to frequent and drastic change in the temperatures. This is also not good for yourphotos on canvas. This will damage the surface of the canvas and make the colours to fade faster than they should.

Thirdly, the reason why your photos on canvas are fading faster than they should could be because of the poor quality ink that was used by your photos on canvas. In this case you will not be able to do anything but to just reduce the pace of fading by taking good care of it. This should however be a good learning experience for you the next time when you buy your photos on canvas. Always choose reputed photos on canvas company so that you can be sure of the quality of the materials used in printing.

If the quality of the photos on canvas is good then it should last for a minimum of 75 years without any sign of fading or damage. This however will require basic care from you. Take good care of yourphotos on canvas and save it from fading.

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Bal Singh