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Canvas Prints That Last A Lifetime

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:05:19 Europe/London

We preserve our photos in various ways to ensure that they last for long carrying our sweet memories. It is not enough that these photos are in good condition just for us to cherish our good memories but it is also important that they outlive us so that future generations too can have access to those sweet memories. One of the problems with our regular photos that are printed on photo paper is that they fade in colour after some years. Irrespective of the method you use to store them or preserve them, they become dull after a few years. Some of them turn yellow and they also get damaged over a period of time making it difficult to handle without ruining them. 


One of the ways of making your photos and your sweet memories last long is to transfer your photos to canvas. When photos are transferred on to canvas, they do not deteriorate in their quality as fast as our regular photos. The colour of the canvas prints do not fade that fast. Everything we own deteriorate with time, but what is important is the pace at which they deteriorate. We have come across artist painted canvas paintings that are hundreds of years old. Canvas paintings can last that long because of the medium used. When we make use of the same medium for printing our photos, the longevity of our photos too will increase.


Besides that when you get your canvas prints from a reliable company, they will make use of artist grade canvas sheets to print your photos. Besides that, the quality of the ink used also matter a great deal. If poor quality printing ink is used, your canvas prints will have a shorter lifetime. Added to it, the nature of the stretchers used to mount the canvas prints also determine the longevity of your canvas prints. They should not warp over a period of time and if they do, the canvas surface will start developing visible cracks that ruin the quality of your photos.


You will also be able to make your canvas prints last longer by taking good care of them. They must not be exposed to severe dampness or mounted in the direction of draught or mounted in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight. All these have their own effects on your canvas prints. Besides that, you must also not allow dust to get settled on your canvas prints. Regular dusting of the canvas surface will help you keep your canvas safe from damage due to dust. Heat is yet another factor that can reduce the longevity of your canvas prints.


Choose a reputed canvas printing company that cares about the quality of the products they deliver to their customers so that you can have the best quality canvas prints. If the quality of the canvas prints that you get itself should be poor then no amount of care will be able to make your canvas prints last long

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Bal Singh