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Photos On Canvas, Ideal Gift For All Occasions

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:33:01 Europe/London

Are you stuck for gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions? Are you looking for an affordable yet wonderful gift for your loved ones? If you are not sure of the right gift to choose for your loved ones, here is a wonderful gift idea that suits all occasions. Go for photos on canvas, they make excellent gifts but they will not burn a huge hole in your pocket. This is one of the cheapest gifts that you can get and at the same time it is also one of the meaningful gifts that you can gift for your loved ones. You can transfer all photos to canvas and all pictures to canvas.

You can either choose photos of intimate moments with your loved ones or portraits. You can also choose photos of your loved one’s pets. Your loved ones are bound to be thrilled with these photos on canvas. You can transfer photos to canvas easily these days as it can be ordered online easily at You can either upload photos of your own choice or choose from the gallery of photos. So you have virtually unlimited options for your photos on canvas.

You can get your pictures to canvas on ready to hang format, making it ideal for gifts. Your loved ones can use these photos on canvas to decorate their walls in their homes and offices. This gift will certainly put a smile on their face whenever their eye crosses it. This is one of the best ways of reminding the happy moments you had with your friends or your loved ones. When you think of it, you cannot find a better gift at such a low price and yet so meaningful.

When you are planning to buy photos on canvas for your loved ones, you just need to make sure that they are of good quality so that you are not embarrassed by the poor quality gift. You should get the best value for your money. Moreover, sending inferior quality gift is a way of insulting your loved ones and you must make every effort to avoid such things from happening. So do not order your photos on canvas from dubious stores that give no guarantee to the products you order. Save yourself from all such problems and order your photos on canvas from

Added to that you should also make sure that your photos on canvas are delivered on time. If your gifts do not reach on time then this too can embarrass you. So order your photos on canvas from companies that enjoy good reputation for prompt delivery. This will ensure that your photos on canvas are delivered on good time.

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Economical Way Of Decorating Your Homes and Offices

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:24:51 Europe/London

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking how to decorate or homes and offices. We drive around to several auctions around the city hoping to find nice collection of decorative items and products at cheap prices. Sometimes we turn lucky whereas at other times we only end up wasting our time without finding anything useful or something that fits our budget.

If you are frustrated or tired of searching for the right decorative items, then here is an interesting way of decorating your homes and offices. You can use canvas prints to decorate your interior walls. Canvas prints are new generation photos. Here your photos will be printed on canvas rolls used by artists for painting. With the latest printing technology, it is possible to transfer your photos to these canvas sheets. Photos on canvas produce a great effect and they make wonderful wall hangings.

Canvas printing companies will have an exclusive collection of photos that are suitable for canvas printing. You can choose one of the photos from their gallery of photos and order your canvas prints. You should take into consideration the location where you will be using your canvas prints before ordering them so that they will complement your interiors. If you do not find something suitable in the galleries of the canvas printing company, you can also send your own selection of photos. It can be the photos of your children, family, or any other photo that is of good quality.

If you are sending your own photos make sure that your canvas printing company prepares your photo before printing them. Not all photos are suitable for canvas printing and they have to prepare carefully by experienced professionals to make it suitable for canvas printing.

When you check the price of each canvas prints, you will be surprised how cheap they are and they come in ready to hang form. They will make excellent wall hangings and they will cost you only fraction of other expensive decorative items. Moreover, this allows you to swap photos in different rooms to give a fresh feel to your homes and offices. Moreover, you will be able to find your canvas prints in many standard sizes. We also print canvas prints in bespoke sizes based on your specific requirements.

If you get you canvas prints from a good company, they will last for a very long time and you need not have to worry about other decorative items for many years to come. Moreover, these decorative items do not occupy your floor space. Even a small wall space is sufficient to add great canvas prints. You will find the best collection of canvas prints at our online store. In a matter of few minutes you will be able to order your canvas prints online. You cannot find a cheaper way of decorating your walls in your home and office.

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How Can Professional Photographers Benefit from Canvas Prints?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:20:05 Europe/London

Canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular but it is also a fact that not many of them are aware of it. This can be used as a powerful way of promoting your business by introducing canvas prints to your customers. As it would be new to most of them, they would be interested in having their photos on canvas that can be used in their home and work place. You can even have some good pictures printed on canvas sheets that can be sold for good price.





As all customers always appreciate innovative approach, you as a professional photographer can impress them by having pictures printed on canvas. They would certainly love to see the innovative work. You can even introduce various offers like having one or two best photographs printed on canvas sheets for bulk orders. The wedding ceremonial photograph, baby showers, birthday and other important occasions would look great and refreshing when they are printed on canvas sheets. The customers would also love to get something so good free of cost. Do not consider printing photos of canvas and offering them for free to be a waste of money. This would in fact workout to be cheaper than offering percentage difference. Also, these satisfied customers would definitely refer and recommend you and your business to their friends and relatives whoever looks at those photos on canvas and appreciate. This would also be a great way of marketing as word of mouth marketing is one of the most successful ways in marketing. You can also advertise and introduce canvas photos and printing on pictures on canvas to corporate companies and suggest them that it can be innovatively be used as corporate and complimentary gifts that can be sent across to other people in their business network. As this would be a very professional gift, they would appreciate it.





Another best way of making good sales of canvas photos would be to organize a canvas art prints exhibition and exhibiting good collection of pictures printed on canvas. This would be of great use to you as a professional photographer and you would easily be able to reach hundreds of people at the same time with your innovative work. People who really have some good taste of photography would certainly appreciate it and would buy them. Even those who do not buy it right away would still remember you and your service and might contact you later when they are in need of some canvas photos.





All the photographs that you print on canvas should be printed professionally without any mistake as any mess would be clearly visible and might spoil the look of it. It would indeed affect the reputation of your business. When you are doing and exhibiting some innovative work of yours, it should certainly be good professionally. The best option would be to find the right professional canvas printing company and to have all your bets photographs printed.

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Canvas prints for your Valentine

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:18:35 Europe/London

As we are just gaining momentum with our regular tasks after the Christmas holidays and after that great struggle to find the best holiday gifts for our loved ones, we are forced to think of some special gift for our lover, wife or partner as the Valentines Day is just round the corner. For some of us finding the right gift for Valentines Day is no easy deal. We may not be satisfied with just some red roses and with a Valentines Day cards; many of us like to make the day special for our valentine with some nice and thoughtful gifts.


You should start thinking about your Valentines Day gifts; try to come up with something different and something that will help you impress your partner or your lover. One of the nicest gifts that you can think for this valentine’s day is canvas prints. You will have number of options if you choose canvas prints as your valentines day gift. You can have beautiful red roses printed on canvas and imprint your words of love along with it or choose the nicest photo of the year where you two have shared some happy moments and print them on canvas. Your valentine will certainly love such a thoughtful gift. He or she can use the canvas prints to decorate their rooms. If your valentine loves artwork and painting, you can get some of the best paintings of your valentine’s favorite painter and convert them to canvas prints. This is one of the cheapest ways of owning artwork and paintings. This will not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time, this will impress your valentine.


Valentines day gifts are not appreciated just for the cost of gifts but the amount of thoughtfulness that it expresses to your loved ones. Canvas prints are certainly a different valentine’s day gift. Giving the same type of gifts everyone gives to their valentines can be boring and choosing something different this valentines day will show that you are different from the rest. Moreover, though canvas art prints and canvas photos are highly impressive gifts, they are not expensive gifts.


To ensure that you get your valentines day gifts right in time, order them well in advance so that you will have your gift ready. If you order in the last moment, you will be subjected to unnecessary anxiety and you can never be sure whether your gift will arrive in time until it is delivered to you. You must also make sure that you order your canvas prints at a reliable online store that ships the ordered products promptly.


Moreover, it is not advisable to order your canvas art prints or canvas photos in the last moment as you may need some time to review and decide the photos that you would like to be transferred to the canvas. So start planning in advance to avoid rushing through the process.

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Tips To Select Your Canvas Prints

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:14:23 Europe/London

Are you planning to buy your canvas prints? Here are some tips that will help you select the best canvas prints. Before you set out to shop for your canvas prints, you must first know how you will be making use of your canvas prints. There can be number of reasons why you want a canvas prints. You may need a canvas print or canvass art prints to decorate your home or you may like to transfer your photos on canvas to decorate your office. Alternatively, you may look for canvas prints to gift your loved ones. Or you may be a photographer who is setting up your own studio for which you want to use canvas photos. You must therefore, first know your purpose.


Secondly, your choice of photos will depend on how you will be putting your canvas photos into use. If you are going to decorate your walls, you may go for portraits of your partner, your children or your family members, beautiful sceneries, photos of taken on special occasions of your life, your wedding day photos etc. If it is for decorating your office, you will have to select something neutral because family portraits will be totally out of place in your office. Select something professional and something that will match your interior. Selecting your canvas photos according to your interior will help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space or your office. Canvas art prints that do not blend well with the interior will turnout to be an eye soar.


The next factor you should consider is the quality of the canvas prints. You should not go for cheap canvas prints that will not last for long. Buy your canvas prints only from reliable online stores so that you can be sure of the quality of your canvas photos.


When you are buying your canvas prints to gift someone, you must make sure that your canvas prints reflect what you want to convey your loved ones. You must choose a canvas print that your loved ones will like. If you already know the colour scheme of their office or home where they are very likely to use your canvas prints, it will help further in choosing your canvas prints.


Cost of your canvas prints too matter. You will certainly not want to spend a lot of money on your canvas prints if there is place from where you can get your canvas prints at a competitive price. So choose your canvas prints store carefully after price comparison. When you are comparing the costs, you must not blindly compare just the price, but you must take into consideration what is actually being offered for the price you will be paying. So make prudent price comparison so that you get the best deals on your canvas prints.


You will be able to get best quality canvas prints at You will find a wide range of canvas prints for your use as well as for gifting your loved ones.

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Understanding the Pricing Of Your Canvas Prints

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:13:12 Europe/London

Are you planning to order your canvas prints and is the variation in pricing from one online store to the other is confusing you and making it difficult for you to pick the right canvas store to order your canvas prints? You will be able to make better decisions if you understand how your canvas prints are priced. This will also help you compare canvas prints from different stores.

One of the basic factors that affect the pricing of your canvas prints is the size of the canvas prints. This may sound such a simple factor but it is amazing how many of us miss this aspect when we are comparing the cost of canvas art prints between different stores. We realize that the variation in the cost was mainly due to the variation in the size only after ordering them when it is too late to cancel the order. So the next time, when you want to compare cost first check whether you are comparing the cost between canvas photos of the same size.

There will also be variation in the cost if you choose between standard sized prints and custom sized prints. Custom sized canvas prints will often be more expensive than the standard sized ones because of the additional work involved in getting your canvas frame readied. If you can help go with standard sized canvas photos to save on the cost.

The next important aspect is the quality of the canvas sheet used for your canvas prints. There are various grades of canvas sheets available in the industry. Your canvas store may or may not use the best grade canvas sheets. The overall cost will vary based on the canvas sheet used. At times, you will find companies that use poor grade canvas but still priced very high. Choose your canvas prints store carefully so that you get the best quality canvas photos at competitive prices. Quality of the canvas sheet used will not only control the price of your canvas photos, but they will also affect the overall quality and the durability of the canvas prints. Poor quality canvas sheets would mean lesser lifespan of the canvas.

The quality of the canvas frames used will also affect the pricing and the quality of your canvas very much. Poor quality canvas frames will warp soon and damage your canvas photos. So it is important that only the best grade canvas frames are used for mounting your canvas photos. Your canvas store should have the best supplies possible to offer you the best quality products. They should not make use of cheap supplies to keep their costs low.

Along with it the quality of the ink used will also affect the price as well as your print quality. Poor quality ink will fade within a short time. So when you are selecting your canvas prints and comparing costs, you must know what to look for while comparing the cost.

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Canvas Prints as Corporate Gift

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:11:36 Europe/London

Most companies face difficulties when they have to come up with a new or unique idea for corporate gift. All that they know will be that they need a unique corporate gift that will create a lasting impression about their company. Teams spend several hours brainstorming on the best corporate gift. If you too are struggling to identify something different for your corporate gift this time around, then you can think of canvas prints as your corporate gift. Canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular in the UK these days but not many companies have started using canvas prints as their corporate gift. So before it becomes a common corporate gift, why not start using it as your company’s corporate gift?

If you are not sure what canvas prints are, then they are nothing but photos printed on artist grade canvas. They will look like paintings as they are printed on canvas sheets using special ink but they will not have the real artist’s brush strokes. They can make excellent wall décor item and decorate your customers’ homes or offices. When you choose canvas prints as your corporate gift item, you will have hundreds of options before you for your canvas print. You can choose a photo and a good caption to go with it in such a way that they remind your esteemed customers of your service or products in someway. You must do it very tastefully so that your corporate gift will gain good visibility. Giving out corporate gifts is not only to impress your esteemed customers, but it is also to promote your brand identity. Using canvas prints, you will be able to achieve both the purposes in a very tactful way.

So the next time you are stuck for an idea on your corporate gift, you know what to choose. Moreover, canvas prints are really cheap when compared to sending gift baskets to your customers that are worth hundreds of pounds. You can spend just a fraction of that cost but still have the same effect on your customers by sending well-made canvas prints.

This should be considered one of the most effective ways of reinforcing your brand identity than by giving expensive promotional pens or USB flash drives that will remain hidden in people’s drawers. These canvas prints will act like free advertisements in the offices and homes of your esteemed customers. When others see your brand name displayed in prominent places displayed as part of the canvas prints that you gifted, your brand name will have a greater impact on people the next time they have to make a buying decision.

Get your canvas prints from a reputed and experienced canvas printing company so that the quality of your services and products will be projected through these canvas prints. Do feel free to contact us anytime for highly professional canvas prints. We sell canvas prints in all sizes at the most affordable prices.

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Canvas Photos: Make your photographs stand out

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:10:32 Europe/London

Do you want to make your precious memories immortal? Well, then the canvas photos can prove to be simply perfect for this purpose. Canvas printing offers state of the art printing methods to infuse a fresh breath of life in your favorite photographs. Canvas photos will adorn your interiors and make them resplendent with colors.

Canvas photos are developed using the cutting edge giclee technology. The word giclee comes from a French word and literally means to spray. The effect is achieved by using inkjet printers which spray a plethora of colors on the canvas. This technology helps in modifying the background of your photograph and lending it a colorful look.

Photos on canvas prove to be simply perfect for almost all your favorite photographs. Isn’t it exciting to watch the photographs of your honeymoon embrace the walls of your room! It brings a lot of positive energy to your home and helps it to vibrate with energy! Canvas photos will surely make your photographs look truly special.

Get Canvas offers canvas photos. The company also offers various options for transferring photos to canvas. The website provides complete information about the company.

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Photos to Canvas: Unlock those beautiful memories

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:07:58 Europe/London

Don’t you feel pity for your favorite photographs which are forever lying locked in those albums? Well, now it’s time that you take out those beautiful photographs from those albums and put them where they deserve to be! The process of transferring photos to canvas will make your photographs come alive and lend your interiors a brand new appearance.

The art of developing photos to canvas is a holistic art which involves understanding the basic purpose of the photograph. The basic aim of photos to canvas is to enhance the embedded features of a photograph and bring out the hidden gems. The sue of heavy duty inkjet printers and superior inks enhances the background of your photograph and lends it a colorful appearance.

Photos on canvas will help you to relive all those beautiful memories once again. Canvas printing will enable your photographs to shine with all their might and illuminate your home with a radiant appearance. So transform your interiors with a fresh new view at your favorite memories.

Get Canvas offers canvas photo printing and photos on canvas. The offers complete information about the company.

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Photos Printed on Canvas: Let your photographs feel special!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:06:42 Europe/London

Isn’t it a great experience to take a few steps back in time and   lose yourself in nostalgia? Well, watching your favorite photographs can surely provide you this amazing experience! Photos printed on canvas enable you to give a shining and radiant appearance to your favorite photographs and breathe in a fresh breath of life into them!

Photos printed on canvas is a holistic process which involves developing your photographs on large canvasses. It involves the sue of a plethora of radiant and exotic colours to lend your photographs a majestic appearance! canvas printing not only enhances the size of your photograph but also its quality.

Art canvas prints prove to be simply perfect for your interiors a they blend perfectly with your walls and lend it a bright appearance. The canvas prints will give your house an at gallery look and capture the admiration of everyone! Canvas prints is the best way to let your photographs know that you care about them!

Get Canvas offers photos printed on canvas and canvas printing. The company also offers safe online transactions and shipping options. The website offers complete information about the company.

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Canvas Prints That Last A Lifetime

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:05:19 Europe/London

We preserve our photos in various ways to ensure that they last for long carrying our sweet memories. It is not enough that these photos are in good condition just for us to cherish our good memories but it is also important that they outlive us so that future generations too can have access to those sweet memories. One of the problems with our regular photos that are printed on photo paper is that they fade in colour after some years. Irrespective of the method you use to store them or preserve them, they become dull after a few years. Some of them turn yellow and they also get damaged over a period of time making it difficult to handle without ruining them. 


One of the ways of making your photos and your sweet memories last long is to transfer your photos to canvas. When photos are transferred on to canvas, they do not deteriorate in their quality as fast as our regular photos. The colour of the canvas prints do not fade that fast. Everything we own deteriorate with time, but what is important is the pace at which they deteriorate. We have come across artist painted canvas paintings that are hundreds of years old. Canvas paintings can last that long because of the medium used. When we make use of the same medium for printing our photos, the longevity of our photos too will increase.


Besides that when you get your canvas prints from a reliable company, they will make use of artist grade canvas sheets to print your photos. Besides that, the quality of the ink used also matter a great deal. If poor quality printing ink is used, your canvas prints will have a shorter lifetime. Added to it, the nature of the stretchers used to mount the canvas prints also determine the longevity of your canvas prints. They should not warp over a period of time and if they do, the canvas surface will start developing visible cracks that ruin the quality of your photos.


You will also be able to make your canvas prints last longer by taking good care of them. They must not be exposed to severe dampness or mounted in the direction of draught or mounted in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight. All these have their own effects on your canvas prints. Besides that, you must also not allow dust to get settled on your canvas prints. Regular dusting of the canvas surface will help you keep your canvas safe from damage due to dust. Heat is yet another factor that can reduce the longevity of your canvas prints.


Choose a reputed canvas printing company that cares about the quality of the products they deliver to their customers so that you can have the best quality canvas prints. If the quality of the canvas prints that you get itself should be poor then no amount of care will be able to make your canvas prints last long

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Getting The Best Out Of Your Photos

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:03:38 Europe/London

Are you someone that takes plenty of photos to cherish the special moments of your life, the interesting places that you visited, the interesting people that you met? Do you love having photos of your loved ones around? If that sounds like you, then you will certainly love canvas printsCanvas prints are nothing but the art of printing photos on canvas rather than on the regular photo paper. When you get your photos transferred to canvas, they will look like canvas artwork though without having to use an artist to produce the artwork.

Canvas prints have an amazing impact on your photos. They bring new life to your photos whether it is portraits or beautiful sceneries, they add a unique character to your photo, which you will never be able to get from your regular prints. Canvas prints make a wonderful wall art. You can use these photos to decorate the walls in your homes as well as in your offices. They also make a wonderful gift for all occasions. Rather than having your photos on regular prints and having them stored in your album or mount them on the wall, you can try something different this time and have it printed on canvas.

The latest printing technology and digital photography have made it possible for us to print photos on to canvas. You need to have special grade printers to have your photos printed on the canvas.

 You can choose just about any photo for your canvas prints. You can also have famous artwork printed on canvas. Owning original canvas art can be highly expensive these days and not all of us can afford something like that though we would like to have our walls adorned with paintings from famous artists. Having Giclee prints or canvas prints is the cheapest way of having our desire fulfilled. You can have famous artwork printed on canvas at fraction of the cost. They look very much like the original painting as they are printed in canvas sheets.

Whether you want to have canvas art or your own photos on canvas, you need to find a reliable canvas printing company to get your canvas prints so that you can get good quality canvas printsat affordable prices. You will find a number of canvas printing companies online but not all of them offer equally good service. So you need to choose your canvas printing company with care so that you are not disappointed with your canvas photos.

GetCanvas specializes in printing high quality canvas photos at the most competitive prices. You will be able to select your photos from our exclusive gallery or upload your photos. We produce amazing canvas prints that you can use to decorate your walls.

Try something different today, go ahead, transfer one of your photos to canvas, and see the difference.

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Steps Involved In Transferring Photos To Canvas

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:54:54 Europe/London

Canvas prints are one of the latest ways of enjoying our photos. Rather than having your photos stored in the albums or having them mounted on regular frames, you can transfer your photos to canvas and decorate your walls at homes and offices using these canvas prints. Transferring of photos to canvas involves a number of steps.

The first step is to select the right photo for your canvas prints. Some of the best-suited photos for canvas include portraits, flowers. Landscapes, artwork, nature etc. Try to avoid group photos that have too many people in them. Family photos with 3 to 4 people in them should not be a problem. Printing photos on canvas is very different from having them printed in the regular photo paper. So you must choose your photos carefully to get the best results out of your canvas photos.

Secondly, all the photos that you select for canvas prints should be prepared before printing them. Not all photos are suitable for printing on the canvas. To extract the beauty of the photo, it needs to be cropped to remove unnecessary space around the object of focus. This will enhance the beauty of the photo when it is mounted on the wall.

Thirdly, you need to have artist grade canvas sheets to have your photos printed. You also need special type of printers to have your canvas photos printed. Rather than spending a lot of money on canvas printers, you can send it to a company that will do the printing for you. So that means you need to find the right canvas printing company that can produce high quality canvas prints for you. The quality of your canvas prints will depend on the quality of your canvas printing company. Therefore, you must choose your canvas printing company with great care.

Once you have identified your canvas printing company, you need to upload your photos in the space they will provide you or send the photos to them using any of the suggested methods. If you choose to send your photos to a canvas printing company, they will prepare the photos before printing them so you can skip that step.

Once your photos are printed on to the canvas, they should be mounted on to frames of suitable size neatly so that they can be hung on the wall. Normally your canvas printing company will take care of this part too.

If you decide to go with a canvas printing company to transfer your photos to canvas, you have very little to do. You just need to pick the right photo or photos for canvas prints and secondly find the right company to handle the job.

While you are selecting your photos for canvas prints, you must be mindful of the wall or the space where your canvas photo will be displayed and you must select photos to match your interior. You must not order your canvas prints and look for the space to display them, as your canvas photo may not blend well with the chosen interior.

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Canvas Prints – A Gift Everyone Loves

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:53:08 Europe/London

Holiday season is just round the corner; this is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is a great time to relax, spend time with the family and also to express our love to our friends and family by exchanging gifts. One of the things that bothers many of us as the holiday season approaches is the holiday gifts; finding the right gifts for everyone becomes such a difficult task for many of us. We would of course like to give something nice our loved ones will be happy about and at the same time we need to keep our holiday spending under control so that we can start the new year without any debt.

If you are still wondering what holiday gifts to choose for our loved ones, then here is a great suggestion that you would love and something that will put a smile on your loved ones’ face. How about putting some of the best memories of the year on to a canvas print? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gift that will remind them of the happiest moments of the year and look forward to the New Year with hope? Yes, canvas prints can make wonderful gifts. It is a very simple gift but it is a very meaningful gift with a personal touch. Your loved ones can decorate their homes and offices with thecanvas prints.

Ordering your gifts is very simple. You need not go round the stores spending a lot of time picking those expensive gifts. You can very conveniently order your gifts from the comfort of your home in a matter of just few clicks. Most of us today have our photos in the digital format, you just need to go through your photo library and pick some of the best photos and upload it in the area that will be provided to you by the canvas printing company. You need to choose the required size and order your canvas prints. Your holiday shopping on buying gifts to your loved ones will be over in a just few minutes. This is one of the most ideal ways of going about your holiday shopping if time is an issue and also if you are looking for a different holiday gift with a personal touch this year.

You will become an instant hit among your family and friends for your thoughtful holiday gift. However, you must make sure to get your canvas prints done from the best company possible so that you can ensure best quality prints. Timely delivery of the canvas prints is also very important. You don’t want to be embarrassed without any gifts to your loved ones just because your canvas printingcompany let you down. we make sure that all the canvas prints are shipped promptly. You will find nothing but the best here at Our prices are also highly competitive when compared to the other canvas printing companies in the UK.

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Pictures on canvas: Joy forever

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:39:38 Europe/London

A photograph is an embodiment of the most cherished memories of your life. They deserve a special treatment to ensure that they keep on shining with all their radiance. Pictures on canvas ensure that your photographs always retain their charm and keep all your memories looking great.


The art of developing photos to canvas evolved with the development of modern computers and ink jet printers. The photos on canvas is marked by a special technology known as giclee art prints. In this process the ink jet printers spray a plethora of colors on the canvas to bring about a truly magnificent masterpiece.


The canvas photos add a new meaning and colour to your favorite photographs. It aims at identifying the positive attributes in the photograph and then enhancing  the overall effect by modifying the background in a very subtle way. The canvas prints merge very well with your interiors as well and serve as an excellent object for wall art decoration.


Get Canvas offers canvas art prints. The website provides complete information about the company.

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Canvas art prints: The shining memories

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:38:07 Europe/London

Reminiscing the happy moments form the past is one of the best way to beat the blues. And what better way to do it than to absolve yourself in your photograph! Canvas art prints provide a wonderful rendition for your memories and lend it a very creative edge by enhancing the real depth of the photograph.


Canvas art prints is just like the real thing. The sophisticated technology used in making a canvas art prints lends it a very unique experience and makes the photograph simply come alive. The art of developing photos to canvas provides a painting like appearance to the photograph.


Photos on canvas is a rhapsody of beautiful colours merging together to produce a beautiful pattern. The canvas photos completely modify the background of your photograph and fills it with various colours to give it a true to life appearance. Pictures on canvas can also be distinguished by the use of artistic designs to modify the background. The canvas prints will beautify your memories and also prove to be the perfect object for wall art decoration.


Get Canvas offers canvas art prints. The website provides complete information about the company.

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Canvas Art Print: Make it Large

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:27:43 Europe/London

Don’t you always want to take out all those beautiful photographs from your albums and put it on the wall? Well, now you can do this in a grand way and make your walls really come alive with a lot of elegance and glaze! Canvas art prints offer the best designs to make your photographs really out of the world.


Canvas art prints are the perfect way to lend a pristine charm to your favorite photographs. Your photograph will not only be enlarged but the various latent features in your photograph which will bring out its true meaning. 


Photos to canvas are developed by making suitable changes in the background of your photographs. There are various designs available which completely enrich the background of your photographs and give them an unique appearance. One of the most popular design is the abstract art gallery which gives your photograph an out of the world appearance.


You can convert all your photographs to photos on canvas. Right from your marriage photographs to the beautiful memories of your last holiday you can get everything on canvas and retain it for a life time.

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Decorate your home with Canvas art

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:17:30 Europe/London

If you want to impress your guests, there can’t be a better way of doing it than buying canvas art prints. Canvas art prints are available in various forms and sizes. You can buy fine art prints on canvas or modern canvas art prints. Printing on canvas is done with UV proof ink, bright colour combination and real imaging. It allows you to preserve the art work for years without any damage or loss of quality. You can also get canvas art prints framed. Pictures on canvas can be mounted on walls to make them look beautiful or can be gifted to friends or family members on various occasions.

These days, you can also find many good online companies that offer photos on canvas and pictures on canvas. They use the latest technologies to transfer your personal photographs on canvas. If you are looking for the best online resource to get modern art canvas prints or photos to canvas,log on to  They have a team of creative professionals who use HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printers to reproduce digital images accurately and consistently with magnificent colour for museum quality prints. Further, pigment inks are used which help colour resist fading for as long as 200 years. This website offers an exclusive and unique range of beautiful canvas art prints by professional artists and photographers. Each art print is available in a range of sizes to suit your walls

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Art on Canvas

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:12:47 Europe/London

Art on canvas is a unique art form. Art prints on canvas are produced by transferring onto canvas or by directly printing on to the canvas. Whatever method is adopted, art on canvas gives high quality images similar to original art work.

Art on canvas can used for various purposes. You can get fine art prints on canvas and put them on your bedroom or drawing room walls. It is a low cost method to add the touch of beauty and elegance to your home décor. You can also get your own drawings, paintings or personal pictures printed on canvas. Since pictures on canvas are safe against damage, you can preserve them for years without compromising on quality.

Besides being unique decorative items, art on canvas is an ideal gift for many occasions. You can choose from a wide range of canvas art prints such as wildlife art on canvas, fine art prints, modern art  natural landscape and much more.

There are a number of companies that deal in modern art on canvas. For the best quality, you can visit . Here, you can browse through the wide range of images and select the one that appeals to you. You can also send in your personal photographs to get pictures on canvas. The art on canvas can be produced as per your specifications and budget.

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Wildlife Prints - Nature Beckoning

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:10:49 Europe/London

One gets solace when one is close to nature. In today’s world, we seldom have the time or the inclination to go towards nature – what with our busy schedules and pressures at work? To maintain our mental stability and sanity in an increasingly stressful world, it sometimes becomes quite imperative that we bring nature to us. This we can do by taking up activities such as indoor gardening or keeping pets. Another way we can connect with nature is to decorate the walls of our homes or work places with wildlife prints.

We can select all our favourite wildlife photographs and change them into photos printed on canvas. This is in fact being done by several online providers of high-quality canvas art prints. And the good news is that these providers can be accessed on the Internet without much hassle.

The costs of these wildlife prints are quite reasonable. The use of the latest photo printing techniques in the creation of canvas prints ensure that the quality is the best. An interested person would hope to get support at every stage of the buying process from many of the on-line providers. Right from selecting the specific wildlife prints to the final delivery of the product in secure packages, the reputed providers of canvas prints would ensure that there is no scope for any kind of disillusionment.

To know more about wildlife prints and how these can be procured, you can

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Framed Art For Your Home

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:05:45 Europe/London

Give a unique touch to your interior décor by using modern canvas art for decorating the walls. These days, instead of using photographs or paintings, people prefer using canvas framed art. In this framed art, your photos and other images chosen by you are transferred on a canvas. Paintings are also used in this framed art wherein they are converted into digital art and then printed on canvas.

The abstract art prints are also quite popular and are provided by a number of companies that deal inframed art. However, you should ensure that the company you are dealing with provides you with good quality framed art on canvas.

Here you can get art prints on canvas or also choose to get your photograph on the canvas which would make it more attractive. For modern canvas art you may check the gallery of the website and choose the images that are available with them. The image would then be printed on the canvas as per the colour specification and the size specification given by you. They are tightly framed and then delivered to you. The company provides the framed art along with a hanging kit which helps you in hanging the canvas print easily. You can contact which provides you with a collection of various kinds of framed art.

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Digital Art: Photos On Canvas

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:03:55 Europe/London

Canvas digital art can help you to preserve your photographs forever and add life to it. With this digital art you get to convert your photographs into digital form which is then printed on a canvas. It gives a unique touch to the framed art and makes it more attractive. People are now bored of using oil paintings and are searching for variations. The digital art provides them with it efficiently. The painting can also be converted into digital art and then used as art prints on canvas which is framed and is ready to adorn your walls.

Modern art designs and abstract prints are also used for digital art and can be made according to your requirement. The framed art is provided in different sizes and you can choose the one that appeals to you. There are a number of companies that provide you with quality art prints on canvas, one of them being

The website allows you to choose from the different abstract prints that are available with them and prints them on canvas as per your specifications. You can also send in your own prints or photographs that can be converted into digital art canvas and is then delivered to you along with a hanging kit.

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Canvas Wildlife Prints

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:02:18 Europe/London

Use attractive wildlife prints on your walls and add to the décor of your home. Instead of opting for the normal prints or paintings that are available in the stores, try something different. Get these wildlife art prints on canvas which makes it look more elegant and adds life to it. Many people are opting for canvas prints as it is a new concept and allows you to get the prints according to your specifications.

If you have your own wildlife prints then that can be converted into a canvas print as well. Alternatively you may also choose an existing image that is available with the company dealing in this field. The wildlife prints can have more special effects or may be altered to suit your need.

Similarly you can also get modern art on the canvas or get your own pictures transferred on the canvas so that you are able to preserve it for a long time. In order to get quality art prints on canvas or to learn more about the framed art you can visit Here you can either send in your own pictures or select an image from the gallery provided on the site and then place your order online. This is a time saving and an effective way for ordering the canvas photos for decorating your home.

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Photos on different Canvases

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:00:33 Europe/London

Get your photos on different canvases and use them all around the house to add a personal touch to your décor. With canvas printing, you can now get your pictures transferred to a canvas and use them on the walls of your house. The canvas prints enjoy a longer life and are therefore in demand as well. The different sizes of canvases may be used for the canvas prints, depending on your preference.

The canvases and frames available for the canvas printing includes square canvases, panoramic canvases or landscape canvases for printing photos related to landscapes or wildlife. Alternatively you can also opt for multiple canvases that may be used together for a special effect. To learn more about the canvas printing and to order your canvas prints online, you can The website provides you with online booking facility wherein you can send in your specification and choose from the different canvases available with them.

You may either get your own image on the canvas or choose an image that is available with the website and get it re-coloured to suit your requirement. The website provides you with a sample also and once the final canvas is ready, it is delivered to your home.

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Fine Art Gallery

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 14:58:26 Europe/London

Fond of fine art photography but can not afford it? The easiest way would be to opt for fine art on canvas which is affordable and can be used to decorate your walls. For this, you can browse through a fine art gallery and choose an image that impresses you. The image can then be sent to a company that can help you to get it printed on a canvas.

It is advisable to choose a good company like which provides you with good quality art prints on canvas at a reasonable price. The company allows you to make changes in the art on canvas wherein you can re-colour it and get it printed on canvases of different sizes. If you have your own fine art photograph then you can send that to the company or browse through their fine art gallery or the abstract art gallery and choose an image from there.

Once you have sent in your request, the company provides you with a sample photo canvas so that you may know what the final product would be like. This way you can place your order online and get beautiful art prints on canvas. The fine art gallery at the website contains a number of prints to choose from.

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