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Do Photos On Canvas Have Longer Life?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:52:53 Europe/London

One of the reasons why many people prefer to transfer photos to canvas today is that they can make their precious photos last longer. Photos on canvas have longer life when compared to photos that are printed on regular photo paper. Photos that are developed on regular photo paper fade with time and maintaining them is rather difficult. Even if they are mounted within a glass frame their quality deteriorates over a period of time. Though you cannot totally avoid deterioration of the quality of the photos even in photos on canvas, the rate of deterioration is much slower.

You will find the photos in your album turning yellow with time and the edges of the photos eaten away by insects or they are subjected to other damages. But with canvas, that is not the case. We have seen canvas paintings that are hundreds of years old and with little maintenance, they last for a very long time. The same applies when you transfer photos to canvas.

This however, does not mean that your photos on canvas do not require any care and maintenance. There are number of factors that can affect the life of your photos on canvas. One of them is direct sunlight. If you expose your photos on canvas to direct sunlight, you will notice that the colour of the canvas fading away fast. If the quality of the printing used is not good then too you will see the same results.

In case you happen to have your photos on canvas in a very humid condition then it can damage your photos on canvas affecting its life. It is also important that your photos on canvas is dusted regularly because if you allow dust to get accumulated for a long period without cleaning it will make your photos on canvas look dull. Cleaning after prolonged periods will also make the cleaning process difficult.

If you by mistake use any cleaning agents on the photos on canvas, then the colour may be bleached in those areas. With basic care you will be able to make your photos on canvas last longer than your regular photos. Colours on photo paper have limited life. After a period of time they tend to get sticky. You can lose your precious photos easily. When stored together for a long time they stick to each other. Even if you cannot have all the photos transferred to canvas, you can choose the top few photos and have them transferred to canvas so that you will be able to cherish your happy memories for a long time.

The life of your photos on canvas also depends a great deal on the quality of the printing service offered by your photos on canvas printing company.

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Bal Singh