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How To Store Your Photos On Canvas Safely?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:58:28 Europe/London

At times, you may like to store your photos on canvas safely rather than putting them out to display. You may want to store your photos on canvas inside for various reasons such as you want to replace your old photos on canvas with new ones, swapping another set of photos on canvas you have already stored or may be you are travelling for a long vacation during which you want your favouritephotos on canvas to be safe and so on.

When you want to store your photos on canvas you must take great precautions so that they are stored safely in a good place. If you are careless, you could easily ruin your photos on canvas. Here are few useful tips on how to store your photos on canvas.

Before you store your photos remove it from where it is mounted and dust it thoroughly. If you store it with the dust that has settled over the surface for a long time, it will make the photos on canvasvery dull. So clean the surface of your photos on canvas using dry dusting method. Do not wipe your photos on canvas with wet cloth or with any other harsh cleaning agents. No liquid or water should come into contact with your photos on canvas.

Wrap your photos on canvas with a clean wrapping paper. Do not put them directly in to polythene bags. It is best to avoid wrapping them using newspaper. The black ink in the news papers can be transferred to the canvas roll when you store your photos on canvas wrapped in them for a very long time.

Choose a dry place for storing your photos on canvas. If you are storing them in a cupboard or a chest, make sure that you do not pile other things over your photos on canvas. It is best to find a place that you can fully allocate for your photos on canvas so that they are not disturbed frequently.

Make sure that you are placing your photos on canvas on a flat surface if you are laying them flat. When you do so, make sure that the picture surface is on the top.

While it is important to choose your photos on canvas in a dry place, it is even more important to make sure that they are not exposed to extreme heat. Even extreme heat can damage your photos on canvas.

When you want to put back your photos on canvas on to the walls again, unwrap them carefully. Make sure that the wrapping paper is not stuck to the surface of the picture due to moisture. Carefully remove the wrapper and mount them in a safe place.

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Bal Singh