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Taking Care of Your Canvas Prints

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:15:40 Europe/London

By choosing to transfer your photos to canvas prints, you will be able to increase the life of your photo and by taking good care of your canvas prints, you will be able to further increase the lifespan of your canvas prints. Here are few useful tips that will help you. When you take good care of your canvas prints, you can make it look new for many years.

One of the important factors to remember with regard to the maintenance of canvas prints is the choice of the place to hang the photo. We would like to display our canvas prints in some prominent place. However, we need to make sure that the canvas prints are not placed in a place where it will get direct sunlight. If direct sunlight falls daily on your canvas prints, it is more likely to fade quickly. The colors will become dull in a very short time. Sunlight always has that fading effect on colors. Canvas prints are highly susceptible to fading when you place them under direct sunlight. You must therefore choose a spot where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

The second important factor to consider is that it should not be exposed to moisture and dampness. Avoid hanging it in the path of draft as this can make the mounting board warp and cause damage to the canvas prints. Moisture and dampness will also reduce the life of your canvas prints.

Very often people place their photos and canvas prints over the fireplace. Though it looks to be the most ideal place for canvas prints, it will damage your canvas prints very badly. The frequent drastic change of temperatures over the fireplace will also reduce the life of your canvas prints.

Once we hang our canvas prints we forget totally about them. Your canvas prints should be dusted regularly so that dust does not get accumulated on the surface of the canvas prints. If the surface is not cleaned frequently, it will get settled on the surface and reduce the original radiance of the canvas print making it look old in a very short time. When you are cleaning the surface of the canvas print, remember not to use any harsh chemicals or detergents. It is best to use a soft brush to dust the surface. If cleaned periodically, soft brush cleaning should suffice.

If you choose not to display your canvas prints for some reason, store them safely. It is very important that it is stored on a flat surface. Even absent mindedly do not place any heavy weight over your canvas prints. This will certainly damage the surface of your canvas prints.

If you want to make your canvas prints last long, you must in the first place buy the best quality canvas prints. If the canvas prints are themselves of low quality, they will not last long despite all your efforts to take care of them.

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Bal Singh