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Understanding the Pricing Of Your Canvas Prints

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:13:12 Europe/London

Are you planning to order your canvas prints and is the variation in pricing from one online store to the other is confusing you and making it difficult for you to pick the right canvas store to order your canvas prints? You will be able to make better decisions if you understand how your canvas prints are priced. This will also help you compare canvas prints from different stores.

One of the basic factors that affect the pricing of your canvas prints is the size of the canvas prints. This may sound such a simple factor but it is amazing how many of us miss this aspect when we are comparing the cost of canvas art prints between different stores. We realize that the variation in the cost was mainly due to the variation in the size only after ordering them when it is too late to cancel the order. So the next time, when you want to compare cost first check whether you are comparing the cost between canvas photos of the same size.

There will also be variation in the cost if you choose between standard sized prints and custom sized prints. Custom sized canvas prints will often be more expensive than the standard sized ones because of the additional work involved in getting your canvas frame readied. If you can help go with standard sized canvas photos to save on the cost.

The next important aspect is the quality of the canvas sheet used for your canvas prints. There are various grades of canvas sheets available in the industry. Your canvas store may or may not use the best grade canvas sheets. The overall cost will vary based on the canvas sheet used. At times, you will find companies that use poor grade canvas but still priced very high. Choose your canvas prints store carefully so that you get the best quality canvas photos at competitive prices. Quality of the canvas sheet used will not only control the price of your canvas photos, but they will also affect the overall quality and the durability of the canvas prints. Poor quality canvas sheets would mean lesser lifespan of the canvas.

The quality of the canvas frames used will also affect the pricing and the quality of your canvas very much. Poor quality canvas frames will warp soon and damage your canvas photos. So it is important that only the best grade canvas frames are used for mounting your canvas photos. Your canvas store should have the best supplies possible to offer you the best quality products. They should not make use of cheap supplies to keep their costs low.

Along with it the quality of the ink used will also affect the price as well as your print quality. Poor quality ink will fade within a short time. So when you are selecting your canvas prints and comparing costs, you must know what to look for while comparing the cost.

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Bal Singh