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Who Loves Photos On Canvas More - Men Or Women?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 17:07:26 Europe/London

It is a known fact that there are certain products that are preferred only by a certain gender though the products in themselves are neutral products. Marketing companies try to make extensive researches in this area so that they help their customers position their products better. There are also some products that are preferred or equally liked by both genders. The question of interest here is who loves photos on canvas more whether it is men or women.


If you are picking gifts for your family or for your colleagues, you should know how to pick your gifts and you should also know people’s preferences. Here as well it helps to know who likes photos on canvas more whether it is men or women. This is rather a difficult question. General shopping trends on photos on canvas show that both men and women order photos on canvas online. There seems to be an equal distribution of this figure when online shopping is considered. This only indicates that photo on canvas is a very neutral product and both genders show equal liking towards them. So when you are picking gifts for your loved one’s you can confidently pick photos on canvas as your gift without any hesitation and be sure that your loved one’s will be impressed with your gift irrespective of their gender.


Here rather than asking whether men or women like photos on canvas better, we should ask what types of photos on canvas men and women like better. This will help us make better selection of gifts.


It has been noted that women in general prefer to order floral designs if they are ordering photos on canvas for themselves. If they send photos to be transferred to canvas from their own collections, then it is frequently, their family member’s portraits or their pets.


On the other hand, when men order photos on canvas, they choose sceneries, buildings, cars, etc. If men send photos from their collection, they send family members or their girl friends photos.


These are just general trends that we see in the ordering patterns. There can be certainly exceptions to this. However, this should help us choose our photos on canvas better when we are ordering for our loved ones. The next time you are ordering your photos on canvas as a gift to someone, stop for a moment and think what type of photos on canvas will be preferred by your loved ones. Whether you are buying for a male or a female has to be taken into consideration. You should also consider the age group so that you can make interesting selections.


Photos on canvas being a neutral gift that is loved by both genders, you have an easy choice of gifts for special days. For many of us choosing the right gifts is always a challenging task. Information like these should help us make this difficult task little more manageable. Of course all of us love good quality gifts.

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Bal Singh