As the haphazard array of colours is sprayed over the canvas initially, what meets your eyes may be just a plethora of wild colours. But as the colours start to settle down what emerges is a beautiful kaleidoscope of your most beautiful photographs! Welcome to the amazing world of fine art prints! The exquisite finish and the vibrant appearance of these prints will surely make your heart skip a beat.


Fine art prints are not just any form of art but a very specialised skill which involves developing your favourite photographs on big canvasses. At the heart of fine art prints, lies an ink jet printer which is powerful enough to relentlessly spray a plethora of colours on the canvas. This fantastic technology was first used to develop giclee art prints and have come a long way since then.


Giclee is a French word which means “to spray”. The giclee prints came into existence in the eighties when computers were introduced in the field of photography. The giclee prints were developed using ink jet printers and could be easily differentiated from the normal photographs owing to their glaze and depth. Today, the art prints on canvas are surely a class apart.


The fine art prints differ from the normal photo enlargement due to the amazing depth and character it offers to the photographs. It is specifically designed to bring out the most striking feature in a photograph. The canvas art print basically modifies the background of the photograph and brings it alive by adding a dash of colours to it.


The art print canvas offers you various designs to modify the background of your photographs and make it look truly appealing. Amongst the most popular design includes slashing a plethora of colours to the background which makes the entire photo come alive. There are various abstract art designs also which lend a mystical look to your photograph.


Art print and canvas can be used to showcase all your favourite memories. It is like a gold encasing for your photographs in which attention is paid even to the minutest details. Canvas art prints will mesmerise you with their superior appearance and bring a lot of glow to your interiors. Your memories will thus shine for ever!


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