This is an age of innovation and technology. The printing technology has brought about a revolution with canvas prints on them. Now you don’t require a million pounds to buy a portrait canvas for your home done by a famous artist. Put your memorable moments on photo canvas and mount it on the walls of your room. Canvas photos now are cheap and easily available in most leading printing shops. Select any of the images or photos you want to print on canvas and order it online. You just have to upload the image or photograph in JPEG format or any other digital format which would enable to enlarge and create canvas photos.


Putting photos to canvas is an innovative idea and a different process from the contemporary art of digital photography on paper. You can enlarge and take prints of photos on paper. But photos on canvas have a different charm. It looks something like a portrait, something more lively and colourful. There are different styles of photo canvas printings. The variety of styles of photo canvas allows you to get a portrait favourable to your needs. The techniques like Colourising, Photo Realistic Style, Light Brush Stroke Style, Collage, Restoration, and Covert to Black and White, Sepia style, Gallery wrapping style, and to name a few can do something different to your photo canvas. The colourising technique can be used to give extra shades and texture to your photograph on canvas. The photo canvas of Black and White colour is another popular form of canvas printing. Single portraits of individuals look very much artistic in such black and white shades.


There are several services and photograph points where you can get your photos on canvas done at cheap prices. The business of photo prints on canvases has touched new heights with new technology to portray photographs according to individual needs. You can ask for a photo canvas of your favourite photographs in painting style. It would seem as if painted by an artist with colour shades we see in paintings. There are several unique features of this art of photos on canvas. The new techniques of prints, graphics and colours (water resistant) provide a long life to your canvas prints. Some services offer ‘gallery wrap’ on the photo canvases to protect them from humidity and other external aggressions. The quality of colours and canvas play a vital role in the canvas prints. Good and 100% cotton canvas and high quality ink can add magic to your photo canvas.