Technology has revolutionized the world of photography. Today you can add multiple effects to your pictures through digital technology. One of the cost-effective means to enhance the beauty of your regular portraits is printing photos to canvas. Canvas photos also serve as treasured gifts that you can gift your loved ones.


Canvas photos: An easy and affordable memoriam
What better way to commemorate the life of those we loved than in pictures? But not just any pictures. A snapshot is too still. A matted frame is too motionless. Only a photo set on canvascan make your memories come to life. When looking at your canvas photo, you'll feel as though you and Grandpa are on the lake again, hardly catching any fish, but having the time of your lives! Canvas photos are an artistic and endearing way to relive those magical moments caught on film.


Here's how you can lend a fresh appeal to your memories through canvas photos:

  • Invite everyone to pen their favourite memory on the back of the canvas photo frame frame. Memories can include your loved one's witty anecdotes and advice, or clever quotations. Those present can also share stories about the first time they met, or the last treasured time they were together.
  • Canvas photos also make cherished keepsakes for friends and family during the holidays, a birthday or an anniversary. Perfect for children, grandchildren, siblings, and lifelong friends, the people most admired in your loved one's life will be able to remember them forever.
  • Restore old memories by trading the antique for the unique. Transfer treasuredphotos to canvas and breathe new life into the moment. Feel renewed love and romance in a  wedding portrait. Gaze upon the rekindled image of a golden anniversary. All the fond memories of the history once shared will come flooding back, and the hopes and dreams of the future will be restored.
  • Remember your loved one in a special way by transferring your treasured moments to canvas. Share extraordinary memories with those nearest and dearest.

How to make canvas photo paintings
You can have your photo painted in many styles. Do you like the modern or the classic look? It is up to you. All famous artists have their own style - from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol. And you can have your canvas photo painted exactly the way you want it.


If the painting is hand painted the traditional way, the normal material is oil painting. But it does not have to be that way. You can also choose to have your photos painted with charcoal, watercolour or pastel. Even pencil and acrylic are possibilities.


Normally you can approve the print before you buy it. If you are not satisfied, the artist will make the wished changes.


The online medium has made things accessible at the click of a mouse. You can now choose from a range of canvas designs online on which you can set your photos.