Photos on canvas have become a fashion as well as a passion today. You can use the photo canvases to decorate your living rooms, office walls and mount them on other places as well. If you are an owner of a restaurant or a hotel you can think of mounting photos printed on canvases to give an artistic and authentic look of the interiors. While you transfer photos to canvas you need to keep in mind some tips which would enable you to get the best print quality and long lasting canvas for your home. Photos to canvas have become a popular way to tuck up walls with your favourite photos of your children, pets, your spouse or both of you.


Tips to keep in mind while you get your photos to canvas!


These tips would definitely help you to get the best canvas prints and also a portrait which would fit your walls very aptly.


1) Choose the photograph which you think would make a great portrait. If you are in confusion you can choose those you like and discuss with the print service. They would tell you which photos to canvas would make great portraits for your home.


2) Once you have decided the photo/photos. Take note of the size of the canvases. Have a look at the different sizes of canvases and look at your wall to fix an appropriate size for your canvases. A particular size would fit wall and give an elegant look. Too large or too small may not portray the authentic look on the walls.


3) Choose a style of your photos to canvas. There various types of canvas prints include Photo Realistic Style, Convert to Black & White and Sepia, Light Brush Stroke Style, Collage, Gallery Wrapping, Restoration, Colourizing etc., to name a few.


4) Take a beforehand knowledge on canvas prints. Search the internet and find out the prices of photos to canvas. What size makes the best photo canvases? Which services offer the best quality of canvas prints? Such pre-hand knowledge would help you get the best deal for photo canvas prints.


5) Ask your print service to use the best quality ink for digital print on your canvas. Good quality ink lasts longer and doesn’t face the texture of your canvas photos quickly. If you are ordering online, take note of shipment of the consignment. Some digital print services do charge very high for shipment.


Keep the above said tips in your mind while you shop for some canvas digital print company and you will have the best deal to get your photos to canvas.